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Hybrid cloud development

  • Ability and flexibility of running parts or all of your cloud solution and services on premise and / or on a public cloud
  • Flexible deployment of cloud services into various topologies (public / public, public / private, private / private and so on)
  • Choice in deployment and management of cloud services

An open hybrid cloud combines and unifies public cloud and private cloud services from multiple cloud vendors to create a single, flexible IT infrastructure, based on open source technologies. Learn more about What is Hybrid Cloud?.

Inner-source software

  • Building software with intention of OSS
  • Keeping governance and planning in house
  • Releases done in the open

Lock-in and lock-down

  • A condition in which continuing to use the cloud software or services requires you to select one specific cloud provider
  • Cloud software that can be used with specific cloud or cloud services
  • The opposite of open

Multicloud development

  • Running parts or all of a cloud solutions in multiple clouds.
  • Ability and flexibility to move certain parts of a cloud solution to different cloud providers.
  • The opposite of mono-cloud.

Open source software

  • Planning and building of software in the open with resulting artifacts available to all
  • Open governance to allow all to participate in all aspects of the development and planning
  • Using a license that allows software to be used, modified, embedded and sold by anyone