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This guide will provide comprehensive learning for hybrid cloud and multicloud developers. As well as an agnostic view of how various clouds are using open source in their offerings.

What to expect?

Grid Example

An introduction to the basic concepts related to cloud use cases.

Grid Example

Information about how certain clouds take advantage of open source solutions.

Grid Example

Additional learning resources so you can further your understanding.

Survey says ...

According to a 2021 O'Reilly Survey, developers who want to develop cloud applications should work on honing their skills around the open source tools that underly every major cloud platform instead of only focusing on building skills for a proprietary cloud.

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of respondents rate open source software equal to or better than proprietary software.


of respondents prefer choosing a cloud provider that is based on open source.


of respondents agree completely that contributions to open source projects impress potential employers and result in better professional opportunities.